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A reminder about attendance laws for California students:

Regular and punctual school attendance is necessary to your student's learning and future success. Your child is expected to attend school for the full school day.

The only excused absences for students are those due to illness or medical appointments. Vacations, travel plans, and absences for personal reasons are unexcused, even if the parent has notified us of the reason for the absence.

Please bring a note from doctor or dentist when the student has an appointment.

 Students with excessive abesence may be placed on an Attendance Contract or refered to the School Attendance Review Board.



When your student is absent, please do one of the following as soon as possible:

1. Call the school office 

2. Email Mrs. Wieberg with the above information.

3.. Send a note with your student with the above information

The school will need the following information:

Students Name, Teacher Name, Date and Reason for Absence


Tardy Students

If your student is tardy to school you MUST come into the office and sign him/her in to class.

No students may be dropped off in the parking lot area due to safety reasons. They must be accompanied into the school office.

Students who are regularly tardy will be subject to truancy laws; please make sure your children are in school on time. Tardies disrupt the learning environment for all students and hinder the flow of the classroom.


Picking students up before the end of the school day should only be done in the case of a medical or dental appointment for the student. Please schedule appointments after school hours when possible.

Picking your student up early for convenience will result in an unexcused absence.

If you are picking up your student early, we will not call them out of class until you have arrived at the school to allow for maximum use of instructional time. Come into the school office and sign your student out; they will be called up from class at that time. Please allow a few extra minutes as your student  will need to gather their things before leaving. Please list    a specific reason for the student's departure; the only excused reasons are verifiable medical appointments. Write down "doctor" or "dentist" in the reason category. Writing "appt" will result in an unexcused absence.